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House Rules

1) League fees must be paid by the final day of registration according to dates set on www.sandiegobasketball.com. Teams that have not paid will not be allowed to play, no exceptions. No refunds afer the first week of games.

2) Team Rosters are due to your scorekeeper at your first game. Rosters will be emailed to captains with full schedules one day prior to games. Last day to add players is halfway through the regular season.

3) NO DUNKING, a bench technical foul will be called and basket will not count.

4) The twenty minute clock will start at game time. If the previous game ends late two minutes will be placed on the clock prior to the start of the next game. The first ten minutes of the half is considered a running grace period at the start of each game. If the opposing team is not present by the end of the grace periodthe game will be deemed a forfeit. Forfeiting team will be charged $80.00 and must pay prior to the next game. Any team with two unpaid forfeits will be dropped from the league.

5) Teams must wear a uniform color jersey with a number on one side.

6) No fighting abusive language or any discourteous behavior towards officials, fans, players, staff, or league director. If an infraction becomes a problem it will be handled on an individual basis. We reserve the right to eject consistent offenders from league play or gymnasiums.

7) Any player receiving a technical foul must sit two minutes. The two minutes starts once the ball is put in play after the technical foul is called. Two technical fouls results in immediate ejection from the gym. The player in question must be out of sight from officials.

8) Players must play a minimum of two regular season games to be eligible for playoffs.

9) Game clock will run in the first half and will stop in the last two minutes of the second half unless one team is up by 15 or more points. Game clock will run in the last minute on made baskets.

10) Seven team fouls result in a one and one situation, ten team fouls results in double bonus. Any player receiving six personal fouls is fouled out of the game.

11) Timeouts:
50 Minute schedules = three timeouts per game, only two carry over if none used in the first half.
55 & 60 Minute schedules = two timeouts per half, timeouts do not carry over.

12) Overtime will be two minutes with a stopped clock in the last minute. One timeout for the first overtime, no timeouts after the first overtime. Timouts do not carry over.

13) Tiebreakers are as follows:
a. Head to Head
b. Point Differential
c. Points for
d. Points against

14) Official NCAA rules will be used with the exception of any local league rules.

Zero Tolerance
a. Any player starting a fight = ejected from league(s)
b. Any player that physically threatens a referee = ejected from league(s)
c. Any player that verbally threatens a referee = suspension
d. Any player that receives two technical fouls in one game = Kicked out of gym/one game suspension
e. Any player caught playing under the influence of alcohol or controled substance = one game suspension

*Any complaints, issues or protests must be made by your designated team captain via email*