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Single Players

We take single player registration. Single players may email San Diego with their general information and we will forward their info to captains that are looking for players. Please email your age, height, position and experience to be added onto an existing team if teams need players.


We set up free agent teams. To join a free agent team just submit your $60.00 payment via Pay Pal at our registration page for the following free agent teams:


Miramar Field HouseThursday Men's C & D 02-06-20
Muni Monday Men's B, C & D 02-10-20
Muni Tuesday Women's B & C 02-11-20
Muni Tuesday Men's C & D 02-11-20

Muni Wednesday Men's B/C & C/D 02-12-20
Ocean Air Tuesday Men's C & D 02-25-20
Muni Sunday Men's C & D 03-01-20 
Muni Thursday Men's C & D 03-26-20
Muni Friday Coed 04-10-20


When registering please include which team you would like to play on. If there are not enough players registered for your team we can move you to another team or refund your payment. Teams are mixed skill level and registration does not include referee fees. Single player fees will not be refunded after the first week of games.









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