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Q. How many games are played in a season?

A. You get 9-11 regular season games depending on the total amount of teams plus playoffs for eligible teams.

Q. Are jerseys provided?

A. Jerseys are provided for free agent signups only, not for team signups. Sets of 10 reversible jerseys are availble to purchase for $160.00 online.


Q. Can Women play in the Men's leagues?

A. Yes Women can play in the Men's leagues but not vice versa.


Q. Can ref fees be paid upfront for the entire season?

A. No, ref fes are paid in cash prior to each game at the gym.


Q. How are playoff Tie breakers determined?


1) Head to Head

2) Point Differential

3) Points For

4) Points Against
*If a team is involved in a head to head tie breaker and has a forfeit loss they will lose priority*


Q. Can my team get a refund?
A. Reunds can be issued prior to the first week of games. No refunds after the first week since fees have already been paid to the City and the Gym..

Q. Who can address complaints or protest games?
A. Any issues or protests must be made by your designated team captain via email.





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