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Santee After School Youth Basketball Clinics:
October Session 2018:

Cost $50 per child, clinics run 40 minutes
Mondays Cajon Park, 10/08/18 to 10/29/18, K-8 205pm
Mondays Carlton Hills, 10/08/18 to 10/29/18, K-8 205pm
Tuesdays Chet F. Harritt, 10/09/18 to 10/30/18, K-3 140pm/4-8 205pm
Tuesdays Carlton Oaks, 10/09/18 to 10/30/18, K-8 250pm
Wednesdays Hill Creek, 10/10/18 to 10/31/18, K-3 140p/4-8 205pm
Thursdays Pride Academy, 10/11/18 to 11/01/18, K-8 205pm
Thursdays Sycamore Canyon, 10/11/18 to 11/01/18, K-3 225p/4-8 250pm

Tuesdays West Hills HS, 10/16/18 to 11/06/18, K-8 400pm
Thursdays West Hills HS, 10/18/18 to 11/08/18, K-8 400pm

November Sessions start week of November 5, 2018.

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