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Muni Gym Monday Night Men's
Standings as of 06-12-18

Men's B
Double Dribble 3-1
Team Elite 3-1
86ers 3-1
Fa Team B 2-2
Blue Heat 2-2
Next Level 2-2
La Familia 1-3
Bad Bad Leroy Brown 0-4

Men's C/D

Mavericks 3-1
Heat Check 3-1
Decent at Best 3-1
Scary Terry 3-1
Backdoor Cover 3-1
Ballahollics 3-1
Quick Trigger 2-2
Army of Happy 2-2
Water Bar 1-3
Quality Printing 1-3
Big Bouncer Boys 1-3
The Broke Boys 0-4


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