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Muni Gym Monday Night Men's
Final Standings

Men's B
1st The Replacements 9-1
2nd Team Elite 9-1
3rd Double Dribble 5-5
4th 86ers 4-6
5th It's All About BOBBY 4-6
6th Top Guns 3-7
7th FA Team B 1-9

Men's C

1st Monarchs 9-1
2nd Shanghai Knights 9-1
3rd Ballaholics 8-2
4th Last Place 4-6
5th Danny & The Duds 3-7
6th DC Suns 2-8
7th The Process 0-10

Men's D
1st Got Em' 9-1
2nd Decent at Best 8-2
3rd Backboard Sliders 6-4
4th Quality Printing 4-6
5th The Bricks 3-7
6th Chupacabras 0-10


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